Common Questions


What exactly is a mobile-optimized website?

A mobile-optimized site focuses less on graphics and video, and features an easy and intuitive interface. It is designed so that your customers can get access to all the key information relating to your business and are able to contact you with a just a click or a touch.

Why is the mobile web important?

Quantcast (a statistical data company) says there are more than four billion mobile phones in use worldwide – that is four times more units than personal computers. In the past two years, mobile web usage has increased nearly 150% globally and the numbers continue to rise. In fact, global investment banker Morgan Stanley says that by the end of 2013, customers using the mobile web are projected to grow to 1 billion and that there will be twice as many users of the mobile Internet compared to the desktop variety. Your customers are already looking for you on their mobile phones! Do not miss out on this huge opportunity for your business!

What’s different about a mobile Web site compared to a standard, “full-size” site?

Mobile sites are built to exploit the strengths of mobile phones, so that when your customers access your website on a smartphone, they receive the best possible user experience. For example, one of the best features of smartphones are their ability to utilize their keypad or touch screen. A mobile website is designed so that navigation can be accomplished by clicking a key or sliding your finger on the screen. Since people using smartphones are out shopping, in their cars, or generally away from their homes, giving them easy access to the most important information about your business is critical. With just a click or a tap, a customer will be able to call you (Tap-to-Call), or provide access to a map and allow your customer to obtain directions from their present location to your business.

Will the mobile site replace my desktop site?

No, your mobile-optimized website will provide the most important aspects of your business to people using smartphones. The emphasis of a mobile site is based on content, while the emphasis of a full-sized site is not only on content, but also on graphics and video that help people get a comprehensive picture of your business. By extending the reach of your business to the mobile web, visitors can easily find the data they need, such as your hours of operation, your phone number, and directions to your place of business.

How do my customers benefit from a mobile site?

When full-size websites are accessed on mobile phones, oftentimes site load very slowly and once they do load it is very difficult to find the information that is needed. Usually you will have to zoom in and scroll from side to side just to see where information might be located. Most people will abandon sites like this and will unlikely return, especially if they find a competitor with a mobile-optimized site.

How will people access my mobile-friendly site?

Your mobile site can exist on the same platform that your current site is hosted on. If needed, we will be happy to upload your mobile site to your existing web server at no extra charge. If you would prefer your own “web person” or technician to install the site, we will provide all instructions and necessary support needed to get your site up and running.

The easiest and most seamless way to set up your new mobile site would be to set the site up on its own subdomain (in the form of and provide automatic redirection for your smartphone visitors. What this means is, if someone wishes to view your website on their mobile phone, your full-size site will detect the visitor is using a mobile phone and automatically redirect the visitor to your mobile site.

This capability requires a small line of code to be added to your existing website, which we can do at no extra charge, or we can provide full instructions for your web-person to add the code.

I use Google Analytics for my main website. Can I use it for my mobile site?

Yes! If you use a statistics package like Google Analytics or Statcounter on your main site, your mobile site will be designed to function with these stat packages.

What if I need to change or update my site?

The tech person that makes changes to your existing website will also be able to make changes to your mobile-optimized site. In the future, Target Mobile Design plans to offer website administration and hosting services.