Don’t Frustrate Your Website Visitors


Nearly everyone has a mobile phone – the time to go mobile is now.

People are using their phones for more than just talking. They text, tweet, check their Facebook, but most importantly, use the Internet to find local products and services.

But what happens when they arrive to your site? Will they have an intuitive experience, or will their frustration cause them to go elsewhere?

Mobile phones obviously have smaller screens than desktop or laptop computers, so it stands to reason that you need to present information on your site that is easy for a mobile user to see and interact with. The information presented also needs to be designed to load faster than a full website, since most mobile Internet plans (even 4G) are slower than most home Internet connections.

How long will a site visitor wait for your page to load? Probably only about five seconds. After that, he/she will continue their search, and in the case of someone searching for a local product or service, will likely wind up patronizing your competition, whose site is easy to navigate and fast to load on their phone.

A faster, more meaningful experience for your site will mean more sales and revenue for your business!

Mobile is the new Internet. A business without a mobile website is stuck in the old Internet. Fortunately, Target Mobile Design can work with you so you may enhance and upgrade your mobile presence.

Remember, not only will you keep your mobile customers happy, but you’ll gain customers who visit your less forward-thinking competitors websites and have to go elsewhere because those sites aren’t mobile optimized.

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