Mobile Browser Stats Can Show You Why You Need To Go Mobile


Some small business owners may not see the big picture when contemplating making their website mobile-optimized.

They can’t imagine people are using their phones to view websites. But when a business owner tells us this, we tell them to simply check their website stats.

If you use a site statistics package like Statcounter or Google Analytics, you can view how many visitors view your site by the type of web browser they are using. Since we know that Android and iPhone are mobile phone platforms, we can do the math and see the percentage of viewers that visit a site using their mobile phones.

Check out this graphic:

Mobile Browser Stats

This is a screen capture that shows what type of web browser visitors were using for a website that uses Statcounter. For this particular site, 11.4% of its visitors are viewing the site on their mobile phones.

The average number of mobile viewers will vary by site, but we’ve seen numbers of 25% – 30% for businesses that people are looking for while they’re on-the-go, such as restaurants, nightclubs, auto mechanics, hair salons, etc.

The bottom line is there are a huge segment of potential customers you’ll be able to reach if your website is mobile-optimized.

And just imagine all those customers your competition is NOT reaching because they DON’T have a mobile-optimized website!

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