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Why should you care about a mobile Internet presence? Well, nearly one-third of all mobile internet searches are requests for local business information and this number is continually climbing.

However, even if you already knew that mobile Internet usage was on the rise, the latest statistics may still surprise you.

Here are some of the latest stats concerning the “mobile marketing” trend:

• Google spent $750 million to acquire Admob, one of the largest advertising networks that specializes in delivering ads to mobile devices. Apple also bid to acquire Admob and was outbid by Google. Shortly thereafter, they created their own mobile advertising platform, iAd.

• Apple now refers to themselves as a “mobile company.”

• Millions of websites have gone mobile-friendly in their design. More than 150 million Facebook users use their mobile platform.

• The average person is said to look at their mobile phone 37 times a day.

• The mobile population is now five times larger than the Internet population in general (meaning you have a chance to get in front of a much larger audience).

Are you seeing the trend?