SMS Text Message Marketing


The basic concept of SMS marketing involves getting your current customers to sign up for text message alerts from your business. So if you owned a pizzeria, you could create a Preferred Customer list and ask people to join by texting the word PIZZA (or any keyword you’d like) to your very own local phone number provided to you by Target Mobile Design. This will be your EXCLUSIVE phone number – you do not have to share the number with other businesses so any and all keywords will be available to run your marketing campaigns.

Getting the word out about your Preferred Customer list would involve, in this example, signs at the pick up counter, tent cards for the tables, post-it type notes stuck to the pizza boxes, encouragement from the cashiers, etc.

Your customer will then receive a reply that would be similar to this (just an example – remember, YOU control the message):

Great, one of your customers has just joined your Preferred Customer list!

Any time you would like to see a bump in customers and sales, you can simply create a “mobile coupon” and text it to the people on your list. So if Wednesday night is slow, you might send a text message to your Preferred Customer list that says this:

The great thing about SMS marketing is most people view all their text messages, and view them within a very short time of receiving them. And if you’re creating an irresistible offer, like Buy 1, Get 1 pizza in this example, people will not only take advantage of the offer but they will forward the message to their friends, creating a viral effect! And when people come in to eat or pick up their pizzas, you can encourage them to join your list if they haven’t done so already.

Large corporations such as McDonald’s and Toyota have used SMS marketing for several years, however, the price to lease a “short code” is prohibitive for most small business owners, costing at least $12,000 annually for leasing the code. This cost doesn’t even include the software to create and manage your opt-in text advertising campaigns. Custom software applications cost thousands to create, and hundreds to lease monthly. Some companies offer shared short codes, but since there may be hundreds of businesses sharing the code, the good keywords are almost always taken. With our service you get your very own phone number and can pick any keyword since the phone number is EXCLUSIVELY yours!

Our SMS Texting Service is fully managed, meaning you wont have to learn software or otherwise upload your marketing campaigns yourself (why should you…you have a business to run!). You will simply forward your message to your Target Mobile Design contact, who will then enter it into our SMS system so that it may be sent out at the time you request.

For a limited time, try our SMS Text Messaging service free for 30 days. Contact us for details.