This Is Why You Need To Be Marketing Via SMS


Technology is such a big part of being in business today. Since the use of mobile technology is growing at such a rapid pace, you MUST be marketing to those who use their mobile devices to shop and make purchasing decisions. The easiest and most productive way to reach these people is with SMS text message marketing.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • It’s affordable. Where else could you acquire a customer for mere pennies? For example, here at Target Mobile, we discount the pricing of our SMS message service in the first 60 days – this allows you to build your SMS list at the lowest possible cost.
  • Your message gets read. Question time – have you ever received a text message, and NOT read it? Maybe there are a couple of you, but the vast majority of text messages (over 95%) get read. This number is simply staggering, considering only 25% of email messages get read. There is simply no better way to get your message to your customers than through sms marketing.
  • Your competition is using it (if they’re not, they will be very soon).

Mobile technology is here to stay and Target Mobile Design is here to help you every step of the way to reach those that are using it. To get more information on how SMS marketing can work for you, check out this article or simply contact us.

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