Your Mobile Website Needs These Three Things


If you are ready to build a mobile version of your website, congratulations! You are truly ahead of the curve and as a business owner, your mobile website will interact with your visitors in ways that many of your competitors haven’t even thought of yet.

Mobile websites are built with different priorities in mind than traditional websites. The following three things are essential for your mobile site:

1. Layout. Make sure the entire width of your site is visible without having to scroll left and right. It’s all right if your site flows longer than the phone’s screen height, the visitor can simply scroll downward with his/her thumb.

2. The right content. What do we mean by the “right content?” Simply ask yourself, “If I were in my car and accessing a website on my smartphone, what kind of content would be important to me?”
No doubt the important content you would need would be contact information, directions to your business, and any relevant specials that would motivate the visitor to buy.

And that leads us to number 3:

3. Use the technological functionality that mobile devices have. Not only should you include your phone number and email address on your mobile website, but take advantage of tap-to-call and tap-to-email features.

Tap-to-call? Yes! Your mobile site can be programmed so that when a site visitor taps on your phone number, their phone will automatically load into the dial pad of the phone. All the visitor needs to do is press the green button (or send button) on their phone and they will instantly be connected to you. In addition, mobile devices contain GPS, which can be used to display turn-by-turn directions right to your location.

As you can see, there are some significant differences with mobile websites compared to conventional, “full-sized” websites. Contact us today to see how we can give your business an effective mobile presence.

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